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sobota, 31 maja 2014

Poland - Zabrze, Zamoyskiego street water tower

The tower was built in 1907-1909. It was designed by the architect Augustus Kinda and royal construction adviser Friedrich Loose , and built by the company Augustus Klönne of Dortmund. High of 46 meters tower has an octagonal dome wide for over 19 and 10 meters high resting on mighty central pillar and eight filars.


The central pillar placed staircase with 135 steps leading to the tanks in the dome. 7.2 m tall water tank consists of two connected tanks with a total capacity of 2000 m3. One tank has a capacity of 500 m3 and the second 1500. Tanks are located at the highest point at an altitude of 305 m above sea level. Also in the octagonal building furnished office space and two apartments for overseers. In 1939. it was increased by an additional floor on which furnished 7 new office rooms and a large hall the drawing. The cost of construction the tower (without construction work performed in 1939.) Amounted to 246 477 Mark.

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