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niedziela, 25 maja 2014

Poland - Zabrze, Tenement Under the Eagle

One of the most beautiful tenement in the city, was founded in 1905 in Art Nouveau style.

The story begins November 17, 1857, when it was first pharmacy. It was built right next door the site of the present Post Office, former Imperial. The founder of the Eagle Pharmacy – Adler-Apotheke was H. Schwarts.

In 1899, a tenement with a pharmacy „Under the Eagle” took Paul Skrzypiec. The new pharmacy, and with it the character of our article has founded w 1905 roku. The main reason for the move was begun in the later years of the construction of the Imperial Post Office on the site of the original tenement, kwhich probably was demolished in 1909. Tenement Under the Eagle is located next to the Post Office, on her the back of at the address Dworcowa 9.

The building was designed in the popular at the time in the world style Art Noveau according to the project A. Jager. Interestingly, the project was no relief eagles of Aesculapius, in their place of were to be located originally windows. relief appeared in the project at the special request of the owner tenement. The axis corner is located three-storey bay window with rectangular windows, completed helmet which Glorieta, with unfortunately has been removed since 1945.
In 1934 Emanuel Mrocz, the butcher shop owner decided to rebuild the tenement floor. On his behalf inserted in the ground-floor windows, metal, decorative grilles and floor of his shop lined with decorative tiles, kwhich can partly be admire to this day.

Current tenants of tenement, associated in community housing try to restore the building to its magnificence and glow. Gratifying to see that inhabited by people made aware of in the history of this formerly beautiful tenement.

Information taken from the site zabrze.aplus

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