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sobota, 31 maja 2014

Poland - Zabrze, old Ernest Pohl Stadium

The stadium was opened on Sept. 2, 1934, on this occasion, Helmut Brückner, Oberpräsident Provinz Schlesien gave the stadium name Adolf Hitler Kampfbahn (Stadium of Adolf Hitler) in the Hindenburg (then named Zabrze) and functioned under that name until 1946. Currently patronage was given on June 9 2005 (unofficially force since April 5, 2004), when the honor of the famous player Górnik Zabrze named him the stadium. Ernest Pohl.

The first major tournament was played at the stadium March 24, 1935 during the national team of German and Polish part of Silesia. In the audience, the attendance of about 7 000 spectators. In 1945, Zabrze was attached to the Polish, at the stadium Soviet troops stationed destroying his pitch.
The stadium remained the property of the city, which leased it soon newly-formed KS Zabrze. At the end of the 50s stadium was expanded. He had then about 35 000 seats.
At the turn of the 60s and 70s installed artificial lighting. Autumn of 1988 was put into use a large array of lights. October 17, 1984 for the first time at the stadium visited the Polish national team during the match between Poland and Greece in the World Cup qualifiers. In 1995, after the death of Ernest Pohl, there is a proposal to name the stadium in his honor. This idea was realized 10 years later, on June 9, 2005.

The new stadium, which will be built in place of the old, will have 31 871 indoor seats. Construction of the stadium is done in stages. In the first stage of creating 3 grandstands with a total capacity of about 24,000 spectators. The agreement with the contractor that stage - Polimex-Mostostal - Was signed on 24 August 2011, and the expected duration of this project is 20 months. In the next stage will be built VIP grandstand, which will total stadium capacity 31 871 seats.

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