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niedziela, 25 maja 2014

Poland - Zabrze, New Theatre

New Theatre, former casino Donnersmarck steelworks built in 1901

Casino steelworks Donnersmarck was established to the delight of employees in 1901 on the area of present Theatre Square. The building was expanded a year later about guest rooms, room for the compounds and associations. Wthe building were located: library, restaurant and the only one in the concert hall.

Located in building, separate room with a stage and a balcony were concerts and present. The interior decorated with plant motifs (stucco, balconies and columns) characteristic of Art Nouveau. At the entrance to the casino formerly approached the green alley. Communication system in the current theater of after world war II changed twice. First, the arc road was transferred right down to the stairs theater, then in the 80′s, the road was straightened and the entrance was created parking.
Directly behind the Theatreis located administrative building of the theater. Formerly it was called House Doctor. In this building lived doctor employed at the Donnersmarcka steelworks, that at any time of the day or night, if necessary, was to be attend to the call for a first aid.
New Theatre at the turn of over a hundred years repeatedly changed your destiny. At a time when the building served as a casino, held in the theater hall guest performances by actors and music. Casino was famous for its annual, issued on the occasion of the Emperor’s birthday balls in the decked „Bismarck Hall”.

Later, after the war, the building began to be used as house of culture. In that building was also active since 1945 very good amateur theater group at the mill „Zabrze”.
In 1959, the House of Culture was transformed into the first and so far the the only professional theater scene in Zabrze „National Theatre New in Zabrze”. Later, it was given name of the Silesian writer Gustaw Morcinek.

In 1963, he started his activity Literary Scene, the presentation were focused on particularly demanding artistically audience. Inhabitants of Zabrze could also see the premiere of the authors about Silesian origin such as Albin Siekierski, Stanislaw Piskorz, a primarily author of Old Wallet, transfer or Senator, Stanislaw Bieniasz. Bieniasz was also initiated held since the year 2000 National Festival of Contemporary Drama „reality presented”.
In 1967, the building was reconstructed and renovated. Zalso changed the shape of the window over the main entrance. Before entering was built a small hall witch glass, which the inhabitants of the aquarium quickly called. New Theatre has quickly gained a reputation in the country. In addition to the excellent team standing in Zabrze scene has cooperate many other very famous actors, directors, set designers and musicians such as: Adam Hanuszkiewicz, Gustaw Holoubek, Xymena Zaniewska, Krzysztof Penderecki, Józef Skrzek.

In 2003, former casino had undergone renovation. Renovated the façade, the window above the entrance restored the original appearance. Disposed „aquarium”. The name of the „National New Theatre of Zabrze” reduced, Since 1994 the theater stage called simply „New Theatre”.

Information taken from the site aplus,

Administrative Building / Building Doctor smelter
Administrative Building / Building Doctor smelter

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