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czwartek, 29 maja 2014

Poland - Warsaw, Warszawa Stadium Station

Station was built in 1955 and designed by Arseniusz Romanowicz and Piotr Szymaniak. He was originally designed primarily for handling finished the Tenth Anniversary Stadium, in conjunction with the World Festival of Youth and other mass events. The innovative form of the building aroused during this period a lot of interest of Polish and foreign architectural criticism. Certain elements are considered references to secession.

The project of rebuilding the station was part of a large redevelopment project of the Warsaw city lines made ​​by the company PÖRY Infra GmbH as a result of the agreement signed on Nov. 26, 2008. Reconstruction station Warszawa Stadion was the first stage of this project.

Contractor for the project was a consortium consisting of companies: Polish branch of Bilfinger Berger (Bilfinger Berger Construction joint stock company) and Agat joint stock company - February 14, 2011 an agreement was signed with a value of 64 195 486.68 gross. Completion date is established on October 31, 2011, but ultimately the station was opened May 5, 2012 with 7 month delay.

Range expansion and reconstruction of the station took:
  • connection to the National Stadium subway stop
  • reconstruction of track structure with substructure and drainage,
  •      modernization of platforms, including:
    • adaptation to the existing standards for the disabled,
    • construction of platform canopies,
  • reconstruction of catenary and signaling equipment,
  • rebuilding of non-traction electricity (lighting),
  • construction of an acoustic screen.


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