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niedziela, 25 maja 2014

Poland - Swierklaniec, Cavalier’s Palace in Swierklaniec

Beautiful neo-Baroque palace located in Swierklaniec.

This here Donnersmarck family residence was built specifically for Wilhelm II, the last emperor and king of Prussia.

From time to time he arrived to Swierklaniec for hunting. The palace was built in Swierklanski Park in years 1903 – 1906. Designed by Ernst von Ihne is an example of neo-baroque architecture. Noteworthy is fact, that to this day the second storey is the family coat of arms Henckel von Donnersmarck, founders of residence.

The King of Prussia waited a floor with oak parquet, Istrian marble used on the floor or created from a single piece of American earthenware Royal bath. Additionally the equipment reached operating perfectly central heating. palace was part of the complex of building the swierklanski park, which has been non-existent Little Wersal.

In the years 1924-37 the palace was the seat of the President of the Mixed Commission for Upper Silesia, Feliks Calonder. After World War II, the palace was restored and served as a mining training center. Currently it is in a hotel „Pałac Kawalera”.

Information taken from the site wikipedia,

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