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niedziela, 25 maja 2014

Poland - Naklo Slaskie, Palace Donnersmarck

The neo-Gothic mansion built in 1856 in Naklo Śląskie

The construction of the palace in neo-Gothic style began in 1856 Hugo von Donnersmarck pallocate it to his summer residence, probably the site of an older mansion. Construction completed by his son, Lazarus IV (1835-1914), who lived in it during the life of his father. The palace was one of the main buildings bytom-siemianowice Catholic line Donnersmarck family. In 1929 the palace was inherited Lazarus V.

After World War II placed in the school of agriculture. Near the palace there a landscaped park from the mid-nineteenth century to the historic old trees, three gates and outbuildings. Today the palace with the surrounding park is listed in the „Register monuments Upper Silesia” and is owned by district office in Tarnowskie Góry.

The palace is a two-storey building with stepped gables, four-sided tower, with pinnacles and battlements, and a helmet campsite. Under the tower is the chapel palace, the entrance from the north – west corner coat of arms and the corner projection of the pyramidal helmet. Lazarus von Donnersmarck He is buried in a mausoleum next to church in the Naklo, which, moreover, was founded in 90% – the rest of the inhabitants collected. The fate of the palace is a peculiar mix of. Luckily object missed armed conflict World War II.
Since 2006, the palace houses the Gallery „Colours of Silesia”, presents an intuitive collection of paintings from the collection of Gerard Stanisław Trefon. Since the summer of 2010, the property underwent a general overhaul. Gallery is temporarily closed.

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