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niedziela, 25 maja 2014

Poland - Katowice, District Court

In 2003 he was announced project for the new seat of the District Court in Katowice, located in the southern part of the city center. Contest won Archistudio Studniarek + Pilinkiewicz. Construction began in 2005 and lasted until April 2009. The building is located between the streets of Francuska and Damrota, set to them shorter sides. The front wall and the main entrance to the building is from the street of Francuska. From the street Damrota is located in the entrance to the underground car park.

The facade is covered sand sconce and The front of the raw concrete. Cost object was 60 million. It has 51 courtrooms.

Structural height: 30 m
Floors above ground: 6
Usable area: 15533 m2
Cubature: 76700 m3
Parking spaces: 250

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