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niedziela, 25 maja 2014

Poland - Bytom, Bytom Main railway station

The station was established in the 30s of the twentieth century in Modernist style

Existing to this day the station building built on the site of the former station was built in 1868. Old railway station was made during the construction of the railway line Tarnowskie Góry – Katowice – Czechodzice-Dziedzice. After World War I, when there was breakdown of Silesia, the station has grown in importance.

In the years 1929-1930 the two oldest buildings were demolished from 1872 and 1900. Then, a new station was built with the platform hall covering most of the edge, two longitudinal dual-track halls in place of the old roundhouse in 1872 and Platform for reloading of goods from narrow gauge to standard gauge wagons. The platforms 2, 3 and 4 of serviced German courses, while the platform 1 coursed to Poland. Hence the did the common name „Polish platform”.
The building is in the style of modernism. The facade was rebuilt several times. Originally was made of clinker bricks. The characteristic tower was decorated with a big size clock and topped with a typical of style the flagpole. After rebuilding the facade was plastered and was covered with blue tiles, modernizing the look of the station, while in the tower dismantled mast and replaced the clock. During the last change of the facade was removed plate and was unveiled in some places clinker brick.

The building is connected to the platforms of the two underpasses. Three passangers platforms were high. The only platforms low are platform No. 2 oand service platform located between platforms 3 and 4, which is not available to passengers. It is used for unloading luggage.
In 1929, along with the building of the station, platforms hall was built on platforms 2, 3 and 4, with dimensions of 39.5 m to 140 m. The structure are three-articulated steel frames of „de Dion” type, closed two-inclined, built from of plate girders. However, the platform 1 is covered by a carport. In Poland, there are only four stations having halls platforms.

From the 1936 to 1939 in Bytom ended its run one of the fastest trains of Germany at that time – the so-called. „Flying Silesian”. It was a three-coach motor team coursed between Berlin and Bytom. Ended on that route at an average speed of 128 km / h (maximum train reached 160 km/h). This made it possible to pass from one end of the route to the other in just 4 hours 25 minutes.
In 2010 closed ticked office PKP Przewozy Regionalne rail operator, whereas ticked office
PKP Intercity rail operator was open until 10 October 2012. Currently tickets are bought on the train at no extra charge.
Near the station is located the bus station. It is located near the tram station.

Information taken from the site wikipedia

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