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czwartek, 29 maja 2014

Germany - Berlin, Topography of terror

First ideas emergence of such a museum were already in 1989. However, the construction of the current object began in late 2007. It was designed by Ursula Wilms. The museum was established on the territories of the former Gestapo headquarters, from where in later years by Reinhard Heydrich of the Reich Security Main Office coordinated terror in the occupied territories.


The whole is located on an area of 4.5 hectare, on which is low exhibition pavilion. Lightweight, simple and gray block gives the impression of floating above the ground. Inside, on a surface of 1800 square meters is a library, a research institute and part of the exhibit.

The fixed part exposure is divided into 3 parts showing the organization of the terror apparatus of the Third Reich, victims and the settlement of German with Nazism. The exhibition there is also a an array consisting of about 200 records of offenders, of which less than 20 were convicted. The rest of the exhibition includes fragments exhibitions devoted to individual European countries, which were affected by the Nazi terror apparatus.

Another part of the museum is area strewn with a gray gravel, on which the area marked 15 points denoting the various elements of the former headquarters of terror, including the Gestapo prison. On site there is also a an open-air exhibition.

Personally, I am angry at myself for not entered the pavilion, but the time was chasing and Berlin is big. ;)

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