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niedziela, 25 maja 2014

Germany - Berlin, House of the Cultures of the World

Museum, congress hall of high historical importance

This building is a gift the U.S. for Berlin, completed it in the international construction fair in 1957, when it was founded by Hans-Viertel district.
Then realizing courageous architectural designs Berlin West wanted to separate themselves from Stalin’s socialist Avenue in the eastern part of the city. Eleanor Dulles, representative for the Berlin at the Washington State Department, and sister his boss, John Foster Dulles, was involved in the construction of the Hall of the U.S. Congress as a gift for Berlin. Quickly find the area on the river Spree, near the ruins of the Reichstag.

The building had its contents to emphasize transparency, democracy and openness. So it has a glass facade.
The landscape of the ruins of a futuristic building was a sort of promise that better days will come. The building, equipped with the latest technology, with cabins for conference interpreters, radio and television studios, which so far in the world were only in the UN building in New York, the auditorium, it was modeled on the architect Hugh Stubbins.
Since 1961, next to the hall wall stood. Hall is the history of western Berlin. People talk about how they met here Kennedy and listen to concerts in Whitsun. But in 1989, the building was again in the center, as the House of Cultures, in the heart of the city.

2May 1, 1980 with a bang collapsed part of the concrete roof, injuring many people and killing a journalist. The accident many columnists saw as a symbol of the collapse of the German-American friendship and then the building has some 5-6 years abandoned, overgrown.
In 1987, Eberhard Diepgen, the mayor of Berlin, decided to rebuild it.
House of World Cultures, non-European art center and the institution of cross-border projects, moved into the building a few months before the Wall came down. In 2007 the building was again refreshed, restoring its color from the 50′s.
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