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niedziela, 25 maja 2014

Czech Republic - Prague, Amazon Court

The building serves as an office building. The building was rectangular in shape with an area of ​​68.2 m to 83.2 m. It has 6 floors above ground and three underground. On the ground floor there is a large atrium connected by lifts with underground parking. Between 1 and 6 floors are offices for rent. The building is divided into two wings (North / South) approximately 18 meters wide. The surfaces of the rental are between 300m2 and 900m2 and there are a maximum of 6 on floor. Two underground floors are underground parking with 254 parking spaces. The third floor is partially used for the ventilation of the building. Facade is made of white granite.The inner atrium facade is fully glazed. Roofing is a glazed atrium, pneumatic roof on a steel structure.

Area: 30 242.9m2
Architect: ATREA spol. s r.o.
Construction period: 04/2007 – 02/2009
Cost: 1 105 milion CZK

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